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Frankly, you might be even a little tired of hearing about sex parties. They exist. But what about sex parties at sea? Curiosity re-piqued! Let us paint you a semi-pornographic to just regularly pornographic picture: sailing the high seas aboard a luxury ocean liner, whilst carefree half-naked mermaids frolic on deck. Elsewhere, curious couples are engaging in educational seminars on best practices for new sexual positions. And in tucked away, secretive corners other couples and strangers are taking a more hands-on approach to learning -- with themselves, with each other, and a variety of combos in between.

These are sexy cruises -- full, sailing itineraries to glorious destinations, with lots and lots of onboard, naked activities. And you could easily be one of them. Why, yes! Or Game of Thrones just about dragons?

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They visit ports of call in cool places like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Alaska. And yes, the passengers do actually put on their clothes and get off the ship!

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Also, because these cruises are usually chartered and take place on cruise ships that are used to regular itineraries, they still come with all the bells and whistles: multiple restaurants, great pools, fitness centers, nightly entertainment -- though this one tends to be sexually skewed. Erm, well, all the sex?

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And lots of people on clothing-optional cruises are on it for just that reason alone. They like to be naked. But for the most part, sex is a big factor. Not to mention the fact that the cruise terminology is really just subliminal messaging to get you worked up. Maiden voyage? Tender ports?

Come on So of all the cruises offering sexy options and there are severalwhich ones are actually worth your time? Meaning, which ones will have people under 60 years old with activities that you will actually want to do? Too much?

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Bliss offers adults-only um, we hope so full-ship charters. So don't worry about winding up naked on the buffet line in front of fully clothed passengers who are purely there to see St. Everyone on a Bliss Cruise is there for the same reason.

Bliss Cruise is deed for every level of " the lifestyle ," which is basically the overarching semi-secret code for Women want sex Crouse. For what we are assuming are your interests and needs, you'd want to register for Bliss' spring sailing. Bliss does two sailings: one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring sailing's age demographic goes down by 11 years compared to its fall sailing, with the average age being The April cruise for is already set aboard the Celebrity Infinity and will sail along the coast of Belize and Mexico's Costa Maya.

In addition to sexy theme nights because what is a sexy cruise without sexy themes? But beyond that, there is plenty of fully clothed fun to be had, from ruins-hopping in Belize to Women want sex Crouse bumming along the coast of southern Quintana Roo. The soon-to-be-launched Temptation Caribbean Cruise takes the famous topless Cancun experience aboard a luxury ocean liner. The first-ever Temptation Caribbean Cruise is set to sail in February with ports of call in the western Caribbean. A little more subdued than a Bliss Cruise, Temptation's new aquatic endeavor brings the topless pool scene to ports of call like Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

The cruise focuses on being teasingly sexy -- like the lingerie of cruise lines, minus the lingerie. Theme nights, DJ pool partiesand an overall party vibe is what makes this sexy cruise good for beginners.

And while sex in public is not permitted and this is not an advertised swingers cruise Most sexy cruises are only open to couples or single women. Desire is the older, more sophisticated sibling of Temptation. With the same parent company, Desire Cruise has been around the block a few times and knows how to play with the big boys. As such, and unlike Temptation, Desire is a clothing-optional cruise. Of cash, mind you.

Tropez to Ibiza before docking in Barcelona. Its couture-style sailing, with very little couture. That said, how many somethings do you know who can drop that kind of coin? So take that into consideration. Naked is naked, so what you're paying for is really the upgraded amenities, dining, and offshore experiences.

At the end of the day, fancy pants come off just the same as regular pants. Desire also has a roster of theme nights, a clothing-optional pool, and a steamy playroom.

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There is also a Jacuzzi Lounge with strategically placed jets for, um, neck massages. As with all things sex-forward, there are a few rules, and these apply to all the other liners as well.

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First, no means no. Second, you are not obligated to do anything. And lastly, this is a judgment-free zone. People love to get around other like-minded people to express themselves, have fun, and just do them. A sexy cruise is no different. Bliss Cruise. Are sexy cruises at all similar to regular cruises? Temptation Cruise. Desire Cruise. Meagan Drillinger is a freelance travel writer, and the youngest geriatric in the world, splitting her time between New York City and Mexico, when NYC is less than 75 degrees.

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She is also the founder of Vaera Journeysan entrepreneurial retreat travel company for women that combines building your business with immersive travel experiences. Follow her on Instagram either at drillinjourneys or vaerajourneys. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves.

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Women want sex Crouse

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