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He confessed and told police he killed the women because he had a sex addiction and was lashing out at what he saw as temptation. In other words, he wanted to kill women.

Who Wants Sex More, Men or Women?

Six of the seven women killed were Asian, so people naturally reacted to the massacre by focusing on race. But the killer said nothing about Asians and talked only about wanting to hurt people involved in sexual activities that he saw as temptation — women.

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The sheriff, Frank Reynolds, said there is no evidence to suggest racial motivation. The only evidence so far is that he was motivated to harm women.

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Asian women, like other women, are trafficked for sex. They often work in fake massage parlors to provide sexual services. None said this was a hate crime against women.

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I find this odd. The way hate crimes work is simple.

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Some states protect more than others. For example, in Massachusetts, the hate crime law protects race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, handicap and gender identity. So if the guy in Atlanta had come to Massachusetts to kill women, he could not be charged with a hate crime.

Women have been fighting for a long time to be added to the Massachusetts hate crime law.

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Intransgender was added as a category, but politicians, including Attorney General Maura Healey, refused to include women, which means women are only protected if they used to be men. In the apparently more progressive state of Georgia women are protected.

Georgia changed its hate crime law last year to add women.

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Race was already there so the guy can be charged with a hate crime if he killed the women because they were Asian, or female, or both. But not a single law enforcement official or politician, and no news media anywhere has pointed this out. This week Congress heard testimony about the Equal Rights Amendment, which would give women full equal protection of the law, something they have been fighting for since Congress also heard testimony about the Violence Against Women Act.

But not a single member of Congress or advocate who testified in support of these laws mentioned during the hearings that seven women had just been slaughtered in Atlanta. By Wendy Murphy.

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Women Boston wanting sex

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