Wanted swing dance partner

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Basic Elements of Swing Dancing - Swing Dance

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We are not a dating service, just providing a service for our dancing friends in and around Tidewater and Hampton Ro. If you would like to include a picture, just send it along with your ad content. Dance Partner.

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Just fill out this form and we will try to do the rest!! For the very best you must submit a Photo along with this form.

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Free. Dance Freak. How about a salsa partner? Get the word out to the world by posting your notice below. Any other ideas??? We prefer to exchange links with other dance-information sites. To add a dance link, or exchange links with your web s, Will Harper or Walter Schultz. Worthy dance events, may post to our web site by ing a cut-and-paste ready announcement. Your announcement can be just a text announcement or even a full web .

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We will host an ongoing webat no cost, for Tidewater Area dance-related activities, without their own web. Be sure to include date, time, cost, contact and location information for your event. In exchange, we ask that anyone posting to our site, include a reference to www.

We will attempt to verify ALL links, to prevent any offensive or off-topic links, but, again, cannot be responsible for other's.

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Wanted swing dance partner

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How To Find A Dance Partner: Ballroom Dance Partner Search Guide