Straight up lonely

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Harkening back to Golden Age romantic comedies while placing its young characters in of-the-moment relationship scenarios, Straight Upthe feature debut of director, writer and actor James Sweeney, opens in theaters today from Strand Releasing. Sweeney plays Todd, a gay man and software developer questioning his sexuality who falls romantically and perhaps just platonically with an aspiring actress played by Katie Findlay.

I asked Sweeney five questions bygetting into his own relationship to his character, the path this microbudget film took to production, and whether he considers Todd to be somewhere on the ace spectrum.

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What were the processes by which you both wrote yourself and directed yourself in terms of playing off your conception of who you are in the world? Maybe a 3. So there was an element of trying to retrograde myself emotionally as a self-director. The answer was always yes. Filmmaker: Your dialogue is delivered off rapid-fire, kind of like Golden Age Hollywood romantic comedies.

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Tell us about adapting your actors to this style and the challenges, if any, of executing it. Sweeney: The style was cemented in casting, so the challenge was a matter of finding actors who could inhabit the rhythm with minimal side-coaching. Katie and I naturally have similar cadence instincts so that made it easy for establishing the tone on set and we set the bar for fast-talking. Sweeney: The concept stemmed from loneliness.

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Dating is hard. And queer folk have fewer potential soul mates. I did the math. Straight Up evolved from there. Filmmaker: Tell us a little bit about what led you to this film as a filmmaker? How did you get the movie made, and what role did your shorts play in your film education? And for the next three years, every year was the year I would finally make my movie.

I always felt like I was putting my life on hold.

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It was an unhealthy obsession, but I got it done. Like most indies, Straight Up happened via a combination of luck, privilege, talented friends and sheer force of will.

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Also crowdfunding. We filmed at 20 locations in 18 days of principal plus two days of pickups with a budget under K. That training was instrumental. Straight Up.

Straight up lonely

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