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Jihadi bride Linda Wenzel, 16, was filmed by an Iraqi soldier when she was dragged, filthy, dazed and wounded in her arm, from the former terror stronghold. Footage shows the teenager wincing with pain and screaming as she was led away to a makeshift prison while baying soldiers celebrated her capture. There are reports that she is being detained for questioning over terrorism offences and could face the death penalty in Iraq for being a member of ISIS. Wenzel, who converted to Islam as a year-old schoolgirl in her hometown of Pulsnitz in eastern Germany last year, ran away from home to the fanatics after being groomed online by an ISIS recruiter.

She flew to Istanbul, was smuggled into Iraq, marred a Chechen fighter who was killed and ended up in Mosul where an estimated 25, Isis volunteers died in the battle to retake the city. In the video two men can be seen escorting Wenzel, who seems to wince in pain from a wound. She looks at the ground and cries miserably as she is led away.

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According to local reports, she was dubbed the Belle of Mosul by soldiers during what was described as a 'walk of shame' to a make-shift prison. One soldier can be heard shouting: 'Make room, make room, she is a Christian, she can't take it any more, she is hurting, she is weak, she is a blonde, she is a German. Allah, Allah. Make way guys, let her through. Amid chaotic scenes, an Sex chat room in mosul Iraqi army officer arrived to escort her away.

Germany is negotiating with Iraqi authorities to get the schoolgirl, who turns 17 at the end of this month, back to Germany where she faces charges of belonging to and supporting a terrorist organisation. It is unclear exactly what role she performed for the group in Mosul, but if she fought and killed for the extremists she could face a long jail term.

One German magazine, citing Iraqi security sources, said she and the four German women she was found with in the rubble of Mosul last month worked with the ISIS 'morals police' responsible for women adhering to strict dress codes. Footage shows the teenager wincing with pain and screaming as she is dragged out of the rubble while baying soldiers celebrate her capture. Those who did not obey faced a whipping - or worse.

Whether Linda Wenzel was involved in brutalising anyone is also unclear. Two of her compatriots come from the western city of Mannheim, identified as year-old Lamia K. They attended a radical Salafist mosque in the city before leaving their homeland for the ISIS caliphate.

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Both were involved in recruiting women to ISIS and made several videos online. Sex chat room in mosul month' Linda's father spoke for the first time of his joy at learning his daughter was alive in Iraq while Linda has told reporters she regrets having ed the terror group. Speaking in her prison cell in Baghdad, Linda said: 'I just want to get away from here.

I want to get away from the war, from the many weapons, from the noise. I just want to go home to my family. Linda is thought to have left eastern Germany last July after the breakdown of her parents' marriage. By the time her mother noticed she was missing, Linda pictured left after she was found and right before leaving Germany had already flown to Turkey and vanished. Linda pictured, after she was captured was among 20 ISIS followers seized after Mosul fell following a ten month battle which left 25, Jihadists dead. She had a malnourished baby boy with her at the time she was found by Iraqi forces.

She is said to have suffered a gunshot wound to her left thigh and told reporters she wants to be extradited to Germany where she would cooperate with authorities. Her construction worker father Reiner, 52, said he was painting lines on a busy autobahn near his home in Dresden when he got the news that his daughter was alive. I had to leaver and go and sit at a service station where I cried. I have never seen my little one look so serious and so sad. Wenzel's construction worker father Reiner pictured52, has spoken of his joy at learning his daughter was alive in Iraq.

Living apart from Linda's mother Katharina, 48, he remembers her calling him on the night of July 3 last year asking if he knew where she was. Linda had told her and her stepfather that she was traveling to spend the weekend with as friend. But she had actually purchased a ticket for Istanbul using her mum'a money and from there was smuggled into Syria. Reiner went on: 'Laster she found a copy for the airline ticked which shows she had booked a return flight for July 3, but she never came back.

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They would never let her come back. She must have passed me on her way to the airport. I would always be here for her.

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When she was gone police opened up a probe into her activities with ISIS, suspecting her of supporting a terror organisation. If the investigation is deactivated she could face a ten year jail term if she returns to Germany. In theory, Iraqi authorities could sentence her to death for fighting for the militant group, although this odd seen as highly unlikely.

German authorities are engaged in high level talks with Baghdad to see if she can be brought home to be reunited with her family. Last month, it was revealed that the teenager had a baby with her when she was found in the ruins of Mosul.

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The malnourished baby boy she was with was taken to an Army clinic for medical attention before he and Linda were transferred to Baghdad. An Iraqi special operations forces soldier who met the girl on the night of her arrest said that it was unclear if the child was Linda's, though she is producing breast milk. The soldier said that the teenager was uncooperative with Iraqi soldiers.

German prosecutors say that Linda ran away from her family home in Pulsnitz in eastern Germany last summer. It's unclear if she will return to Germany, as she could face trial in Iraq. Linda is now being held in an Iraqi prison facility, where she will be held during an investigation. The German embassy in Baghdad is believed to be liaising with Iraqi officials.

Speaking anonymously, he said: 'We found her with a gun in her hand next to her Chechen husband, who was then killed by Iraqi forces in a firefight. She said she had killed a of our men in the battle. She looked scared. The Telegraph said it is thought Linda and the fighter formed a relationship after meeting in a chat room, where he convinced her to ISIS. Linda pictured before fleeing to Syria used the counterfeit bank authorisation and her mother's forged identification papers to buy a plane ticket to Istanbul.

Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil backed up the claims, adding that she was found with explosives and was 'ready to attack the advancing troops.


Talking under the alias Mohammed Shuraf for protection, the soldier told the newspaper he and his comrades thought at first she was a Yazidi sex slave. ISIS fighters routinely kidnapped and abused women of the minority sect. Describing the moment they found her, he said: 'We entered a shattered house, which was ly under fire. There we heard someone screaming for help.

It was the girl, she was alone, injured on the left arm and chest, lying on the floor. He said her clothes were filthy and around her neck she wore a thick scarf which she could also use as a hecarf. She was found alongside members of the terror group's fearsome all-female police force, some of whom were wearing suicide vests.

The teenager, described as 'a brilliant student' is said to have become 'lonely and withdrawn' after her parents' marriage broke down and her mother Katharina began a new relationship with a caretaker at a local school. She is thought to have met a Muslim man online who enticed her to ISIS after the breakdown of her parents' marriage.

She fled the country using her mother's passport and flew from Berlin to Turkey before making her way to Syria. In July, her neighbours in the village of Pulsnitz, near Dreseden, south-east Germany, told of their shock and anger that the promising youngster left home to the extremist group. School friends have described the quiet teenager as becoming increasingly withdrawn. In she was confirmed into the local church. Female priest Maria Gruener said: 'She was a very placid girl who did not want to take part in confirmation instruction.

But unbeknownst to her, Linda was falsely adopting the faith of the Christian church while secretly giving her heart to Islam. As she attended the church, her parents' marriage broke down and she moved with her mother to Pulsnitz. There, Katharina moved in with Thomas Weiss. Unhappy and insecure, Linda suddenly found herself with a new stepfather - and an older stepsister Sex chat room in mosul Dana. Iraqi security forces recently ended three years of ISIS rule in the Iraqi city of Mosul pictured and the terror group is under growing pressure in Raqqa.

In May last year the troubled teenager made contact on the internet with an Islamist preacher in Hamburg who sent her a copy of the Koran. There were some arguments with staff. She stole her mother's credit card and secretly bought an airline ticket to Istanbul.

Until six months before she fled she had never even travelled by train alone, it has been reported. But on Friday July 1 last year she told her mother and father she was going to spend the weekend with a friend called Caroline and would be back in Sunday. Instead she travelled to Frankfurt and caught a plane to Istanbul before being smuggled into Syria.

Sex chat room in mosul

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