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One married couple was responsible for the foundations of modern code breakingand the principles that gave the NSA a head start in cryptanalysis. Velvalee Dickinson whirled around on the two FBI men and tried to scratch out their eyes. It was January 21, She was fifty years old, a widow, a frail-looking ninety-four pounds, with brunette hair.

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She made such a kicking commotion that the men had to pick her up by the armpits and carry her away. The FBI arrested Dickinson because of five suspicious letters that had been ly intercepted by postal inspectors and forwarded to the bureau. A month ago I had to give a talk to an art club, so I talked about my dolls and figurines.

The only new dolls I have are these three lovely new Irish dolls. One of these three dolls is an old Fishermen with a Net over his back. Another is an old woman with wood on her back and the third is a little boy. Mary E. Wallace in Springfield, Ohio, who was confused to read the letter, as she had not written it.

After the agents arrested Dickinson in Januarya federal prosecutor took up the case: Edward C. Wallace, the U. Edgar Hoover.

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The agents seemed reluctant to speak of Elizebeth as an independent analyst separate from her husband. There appears no point is to be gained by multiplying the of examiners. After making it clear that this was not the usual sort of cryptanalysis that she did, that this was only her opinion, Elizebeth went on to discuss what the Doll Lady was really talking about when she talked about dolls.

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Auxiliary warship? Words in an open code can have multiple meanings. Hoover saw it differently. The FBI had gathered other damning evidence against Dickinson, including the unexplained cash and her relations with Japanese officials, and the government charged Dickinson with espionage, as a spy for the imperial Japanese government.

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The charge carried the death penalty. Dickinson is the woman spy of this war.

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Dickinson pleaded guilty. All through these proceedings, Elizebeth stayed out of the public eye. Cultured, businesslike, cunning, and, despite her 45 years of age, most attractive, she presented one of the most difficult problems in detection the FBI has tackled in this war.

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