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John Nugent was born on January 5,in Montreal and studied at St. Inhe moved to Lumsden, Saskatchewan and executed liturgical commissions in silver and bronze, while supporting his family as a chandler. The simplified, yet expressive forms of his chalices and crucifixes demonstrate an interest in modern interpretations of early Christian and Romanesque models. Resistance from the Church hierarchy and from parishioners caused him to cease his liturgical work in the s.

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After his candle works in Lumsden burned down inNugent commissioned Clifford Wiens to de a studio with a novel curved, conical de that earned the Regina architect a Massey silver medal award. Inwhile on a trip to New York to study bronze casting, Nugent visited the studio of American sculptor David Smith; this encounter was to influence his move to welded steel abstraction. While often incorporating identifiable parts, such as wheels, his sculpture eludes easy metaphorical readings, instead creating meaning through unexpected combinations of forms and materials.

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His proposal for a soaring abstract monument to Louis Riel was rejected by Premier Ross Thatcherwho demanded in its place a representational figure. In the s, Nugent shifted his attention from sculpture to photography.

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John Nugent, Lumsden, making final inspection of a chalice,

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