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From a Surveyit does look like the jury is still out on how much premium is placed on hanging out with friends as a leisure activity.

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From that study, it appears fewer Americans actually spend a lot of time hanging out with friends. Percentage of Americans that spend time with friends as a leisure activity across different groups Source: www. For the present moment, let us consider the whole hanging out with friends thing and how we all enjoy it, even if we may not get the chance to do it all the time.

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Hanging out with friends is one of those ways we pass time or have our leisure as social animals. There are some who seem like natural magnets that all their friends always want to hang out with. Making your friend s find your company so appealing that they want to always be around you and hang out with you has art and skills to it, and we will let you in on those skills and the art.

Let us show you how to make your friends want to hang out with you. You want your friends to want to hang out with you, but are you really the kind of person they want to be hanging out with? Why should they want to hang out with you? It is therefore important to examine yourself first and see that you have these qualities before desiring to want to have your friend s around you.

What then are some of these qualities that would make you a nice person to be around? Read on to find out how to get your friends to like you more. This is actually the biggest one. They have the following qualities that show that they love people for being people —. And this is why we as humans are always naturally drawn to such people. Applying this to your friends, ask yourself how well you actually know the friends who you desire that they hang out with you. Do you even know what their hobbies and interests are if you seriously think about it?

Do you know their likes and dislikes? In which case, why then should they want to hang out with you. If you want your friends to enjoy hanging out with you, then you need to be someone that takes a genuine active interest in their lives. We are rather listening to respond. So while they are speaking, we are thinking of our own answers rather than paying attention to what they are actually saying. When they Looking to hang out for a while listening, they are completely enraptured in the conversation and give the one they are listening to their full undivided attention.

And friends want to feel like they are genuinely being listened to. This is another variant of taking a genuine active interest. You, therefore, need to be a good listener if you want your friends to want to hang around you more often. Because of their genuine active interest in the lives of the people they are with, they let them talk more about themselves while they listen. Is it always about you? When you are with your friends, talk less about yourself and more about them and genuinely want to know more about them, and watch them always want to hang out with you.

Talk more in terms of their interests and less about your own interests. Be less self-centered and more people-centered. How often do you help your friends when they need it? Can they really rely and depend on you in crisis or even on a normal day? And this is no different for your friends. Your friends are no different. Even if you are a recluse or introvert, you can still have fun or come up with fun activities that would have your friend s clamoring to spend time with you and hang out with you.

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It is therefore important that you are someone who is fun to be around if you want your friends to hang out with you. Be spontaneous and outgoing and go out of your way to create fun. Be that friend who always comes up with creative and fun ways to hang out, and watch how they will flock to you.

People are generally put off by people who have negative energies and vibes about them. Life is already challenging as it is, and the last thing people want is someone who would always bring a downer to their spirits. If this is you, then this is one sure way to drive your friends away and have them loathe hanging out with you. You, therefore, need to change this drastically if you want your friends to hang out with you. If you have a tendency to always turn every hang out with your friends into a complaining session, check yourself and intentionally and actively stop yourself from doing so.

Rather listen to what your friends have to say. Nothing turns people, and your friends off by someone who is always talking bad about others. If you have nothing to talk about, find interesting topics of public interest to talk about or discuss your hobbies or a new artist or music or book or something. Now that you know what qualities your friend s are looking for in the friend they want to hang out with, we hope that you can deeply introspect into your relationship with your friends, and see which of these may be missing, and work on it.

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Having worked on those qualities, how then can you make your friends want to hang out with you? Here are some ideas of how to make your friends want to hang out with you :. Rather than always waiting for your friends to come to hang out with you, you can actually go meet them.

Ring up your friend s and catch up with them. Tell them you miss them and would like to just sit down and catch up on life. You can even take a game along that stimulates sharing and having conversations. Complain less, or not at all. Make the entire hangout about them — let them talk about their likes and interests, and get to learn more about your friend s. This is another form of going to them. This time, however, you can invite them over to your house to hang out, just the two of you. In this one on one, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. Find a topic that you know they are particularly passionate about, and spend time talking about it.

Be honest and own up to the fact that you always thought they were passionate about so and so topic or issues because of one or two things you picked up about them. They would be happy that you at least noticed some things about them, and that could be the conversation starter that you are looking for.

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When your friend sees that you are genuinely interested in their life and the things they are passionate about, they will always want to hang out with you. As a way of making it up to them, go out of your way to find out if there is anything they may need help with, and offer to help them with it.

Once your friend s can see this gesture of goodwill on your part, it would soften any resistance towards spending time with and hanging out with you. When all is said and done, it is important that you are sure that the friend s you are wanting to hang out with you are quality friends who share your values and principles, and importantly have your best interests at heart.

All of what is said above will only work with your real and genuine friends who want to actually spend time with you. You may have all the qualities that we have listed above and yet the people you call your friend s may not want to hang out with you. In that case, do not beat yourself up thinking that there may be something wrong with you. Perhaps they are just too busy or not interested in being close friends with you. As hard as it may be in such cases, you will need to move on from such friendships and find new friends.

You cannot force friendships or force people to like you enough to want to spend time with you. And so when that happens and it is clear that these friend s are either not interested in being friends or are just too busy for you, love yourself enough to let them be and walk away. And until they come along, enjoy your own company and be happy with hanging out with yourself. Another variant of this is being too desperate to have friends hang out with you that you even allow users and free-riders. Friendship is a two-way street. If you are the only one making the effort to hang out with these friends all the time, or they only hang out with you when they want something from you, then you also need to reevaluate the friendship.

How do you get people to want to hang out with you? It is not everyone you want to be hanging out with. You need Looking to hang out for a while evaluate who this person you want to hang out with, is to you. If there is no real relationship or connection with this person, it is unreasonable and almost absurd to want them to hang out with you. If this person is your close friend, then you can follow the steps outlined in this article, and they will want to hang out with you.

When you adopt all of the above people person skills talked about in this article, you will definitely be a nice person to be around, and people will always want to be around you. How can you get your friends to like you more? Doing all that is listed in this article will get your friends to like you more. No one wants to hang out with me anymorewhat do I do? My friend s always makes excuses to not hang out and I feel like I have to beg my friend s to hang out with me. What do I do about it? What you need to do is to really reevaluate the friendship and ask yourself if there is any value to you in continuing with the friendship.

There are two answers to this. And this is that the problem is not actually with you, but with the person s that you want to be your friend. But understand that it is not for you to want to try and convince them otherwise, as that would be desperate. Remember that as great as you are as a person, you cannot force people to be your friend s or to like you. And while you wait for this to happen, have fun with yourself and enjoy your own company.

Looking to hang out for a while

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