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Origin - Assembly debate on 22 June 19th Sitting see Doc. Text adopted by the Assembly on 22 June 19th Sitting.

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See related documents Recommendation Domestic slavery: servitude, au pairs and mail-order brides Author s : Parliamentary Assembly Origin - Assembly debate on 22 June 19th Sitting see Doc. The Parliamentary Assembly is dismayed that slavery continues to exist in Europe in the twenty-first century. Although, officially, slavery was abolished over years ago, thousands of people are still held as slaves in Europe, treated as objects, humiliated and abused.

Modern slaves, like their counterparts of old, are forced to work through mental or physical threat with no or little financial reward.

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They are physically constrained or have other limits placed on their freedom of movement and are treated in a degrading and inhumane manner. Most have come voluntarily, seeking to improve their situation or escaping poverty and hardship, but some have been deceived by their employers, agencies or other intermediaries, have been debt-bonded and even trafficked.

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This creates ample opportunity for abusive employers or husbands to force them into domestic slavery. In a foreign country, far from home, many of the victims do not even speak the language of the country they live in, let alone know its laws and customs.

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Their employer or husband will usually have a hold over them, threatening them or their relatives with further abuse and reprisals should they dare to complain or leave. Many of them do not know where to turn for help and do not dare go to the police for fear of deportation. In addition, the police in host countries are often less than sympathetic to domestic slaves who have escaped, especially if they have no papers or if their papers are not in order. In this sense, the Italian experience can be considered an example of good practice, thanks to the adoption in of an effective anti-trafficking law which incorporated the basic guidelines set forth in the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime, and made any behaviour which may be associated with trafficking in human beings a specific criminal offence; it also added servitude to slavery as grounds for indictment in the criminal code.

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Strict sanctions are accompanied by a strengthened mechanism for protecting and assisting victims through the establishment of an ad hoc fund for action against anti-trafficking under the presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Council of Europe must have zero tolerance for slavery. The Organisation and its member states must promote and protect the human rights of the victim and ensure that the perpetrators of the crime of domestic slavery are brought to justice so that slavery can finally be eliminated from Europe.

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The Assembly thus recommends that the Committee of Ministers: 6. Accredited agencies should also be committed to doing background checks on both the prospective au pair and the prospective host family to ensure that they do not have criminal convictions, for example for sexual or child abuse; c. Agencies should also be committed to carrying out background checks on the prospective bridegroom to ensure he does not have a criminal record for example for domestic violence or procurement when couples consider marriage; c.

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Looking for sub servitude

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