Got a question about women

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I have a quick question for you. I remind myself that most of the time, I do have the answer. Or at least we can figure out the problem together.

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All the students appreciate my answers—especially when they turn out to be right. Consider some of the questions the disciples asked Jesus. Then how will you understand all the parables?

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We need to cut the disciples some slack. We get to study the Bible.

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The disciples were learning on the job—kind of like my graduate students. Remember, we have been part of this community of women for a while.

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We have the experience and knowledge. Take the time to share your knowledge.

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If you need answers, you can likely find them here. Today is the day. Michael Lutheran Church in Blacksburg, Va. This blog first ran on September 28, Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay. Today's blogger, practicing gratitude following a recent carjarcking, explains the concept of felix culpa.

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Got a stupid question? Disciples asked some frustrating questions Consider some of the questions the disciples asked Jesus. Women of the ELCA.

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Got a question about women

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