Girls from Tempe

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I've literally lived all around the World, and am to this day astonished at the hot girl to guy ratio in Tempe. Even more remarkable - they seem to have some type of hive-minded low self-esteem which makes them easily approachable. I don't ever want to leave here. ASU for sure.

I cannot wait until classes start up again in the next couple of weeks. ASU has always been a party school. When i was a senior in high school, it was ranked the 1 party school in the country. But their idea of a good time is "Drinking and partying" and most of them are dumb. Or of the chicks here?

I'm gonna guess the later haha. If you go to the meetup I'll show you.

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You're clearly self-aware. Found the internet! Why are there so many hot girls in Tempe?

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Pics or it isn't true. More posts from the Tempe community. Tempeans have local-only news.

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Girls from Tempe

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