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Send feedback. Comic, rapper and emerging filmmaker Nick Hail, taps into what it's like to be an artist, and how the muse inspires creators and innovators. From up and coming musicians to successful businessmen, no one is too big or too small to Enter The Muse. Available episodes. They discuss conspiracy theories, secret societies, capitalism and more. Oct 8, They talk about the influence of 27 Club Icons and why their deaths made their legacy that much more ificant. The different writing process for musicians, why having fun while composing often makes for a more authentic sound.

The revolution of mainstream music in the s and what is the determining factor between what is popular and what isn't. The psychology of Connor McGregor. And how egos are often the reason for all band's downfall. Sep 26, This week on Enter the Muse. Screenwriter, Rich Wilkes who has credits on xXx, The Dirt and much more talks about what its like being a screenwriter today compared to when he started off, getting to work with some of Hollywood's biggest names and how there's so many talented people in the industry but only a few are able to make it big.

Sep 12, On this episode of Enter the Muse, Lala Drona talks about being an American artist living in Paris, how she created a fictional universe which she intends on turning into a podcast, her new painting: The Void. How her breast condition led her to wonder if we live in a simulation.

The Matrix sequel and growing up in the s listing to Punk Rock. Sep 6, This Week on Enter The Muse: Poet, Author and Counter Terrorist, Mike Tucker talks with Nick Hail about what is an artist's role to society, reflects on the legacy of Joseph Brodsky, explains what it was like being betrayed in war, tracking Al Qaeda, and why he feels that the best way to counter Islamic Terrorists is to work alongside Muslims who don't share the same views as the T-Ban or other organizations.

Sep 5, He was under fire with Spanish counterterrorists on the second day of the Siege of the Banco Central in Barcelona, May 24,which ended the threat of a fascist dictatorship returning to Spain. A Marine infantry veteran from a unit tasked with counterterrorism and special operations, he worked as a concrete and Dating online in Phumi Traping Takong laborer and aided refugees during his apprenticeship as a poet and writer in Washington, D.

Aug 29, This week on Enter The Muse, 8 Time Muay Thai World Champion and renowned Filmmaker Vincent Soberano talks about training UFC fighters, completing 10 of his own feature films, working with Jackie Chan, his highlights from his film career and looking back what advice would he give to his younger self.

Aug 22, For over years, the Indonesian royal family guarded a great secret: an energy-based martial art called Merpati Putih. It is so powerful, the masters could do superhuman feats such as break stacks of concrete bricks with a gentle touch or be able to drive a motorcycle through the chaotic streets of Yogyakarta--completely blindfolded.

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Inthey began teaching Merpati Putih outside the family, but only to Indonesians. That all changed in when Nate Zeleznick, a martial artist from rural Utah, discovered them. He is a serial entrepreneur who has owned one of the most successful martial arts and meditation academies in Utah for more than two decades.

He and his younger brother Mike embarked on a grueling year journey to learn the secret techniques of this ancient martial art so they could teach ordinary people how to be superhuman, and now they are making this available to millions. Aug 15, He explains what near death experience feels like, and speaks about returning to the dance scene, sober. How the birth of his new born gave him a new purpose in life, and what its like living in Switzerland.

Nick and Slade discuss the current state of the world, the growth of the far right movement in Europe, and the dismissal of the director of the Olympics' opening ceremony for a joke he had made in And they talk about how it's crazy that conditions like autism remain socially unacceptable in some countries.

Yet, being autistic and having conditions like ADHD often contribute to the kind of genius that makes a person great in music and other creative fields. Aug 8, She talks about how she started acting at 5, Musical Theater and what made her write Hot Girl. She explains her interests in Third Wave Feminist pieces, recurring themes in filmmakers work, being typecast, and why she prefers New York to California.

Aug 1, She delves deep into what she calls 'Magical Fashion'she explains Dating online in Phumi Traping Takong are the Akashic records, and how a vision of a dragon at an early age lead her into the realms of Metaphysics and why she believes that Earth is a battle zone of Angelic and Demonic beings.

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Jul 25, He talks about growing up during the crack epidemic, going into the prison system and beating it. Dissects his latest song 'The System' which explores how the system isn't broken but working how they want it. Leaving a legacy for future generations of African Americans and his fanbase in South Africa. Jul 16, Nick Hail talks with Kiasha Nair about the current unrest and looting In South Africa, how colonialism contributed to the corruption and poverty; why there's no such thing as corruption in Zuma's eye?

And rumours that this is an attempted coup by the EFF. She also speaks about how Australia is dealing with Covid19 and it's economy; about some South African Indians wanting to apply for refugee status, and the importance of ensuring that this does not become a racial issue because it's not. And most importantly where does South Africa go from here? Jul 11, Jul 4, He talks about how you can be humble and still be able to tell the world how good you are, why he believes that he is 'The Black Khabib', training with UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling, and breaks down his intense training schedule.

He also talks about the iconic moment when he told CM Punk to pronounce his name correctly, names his top 3 pound for pound fighters in the UFC and gives his predictions for Mcgregor vs Poirier 3. Jun 27, On this episode Robert talks about how he went from being in debt Dating online in Phumi Traping Takong completely Financial Free by the age of How he discovered his passion of training people around the world, his encounter with Keanu Reeves, what are the 4 currencies of life, the 4 phases of life that people constantly go through and why Chaos is not only normal but also critical in life and tells us how we could utilize it.

Jun 21, They talk about her debut single Airplane Mode, which is a song about taking a break from everything to put your life on hold, the creative and business side of the industry, her struggles with compulsory heterosexuality, and her scholarship to an LA University.

Nick Hail gives some words of motivation during these times and they talk about the absurdness of Tik-Tok culture and the craziness of TV shows such as Riverdale.


Jun 17, Joe Ligotti, a veteran in radio and one of the first to make it big on the internet and YouTube, Enters the Muse with Nick Hail for an exclusive interview. On this episode we get to see that the man behind the rants is the same man, loud mouthed and real, Joe Ligotti talks about what he thinks about today's cancel culture, how he came to be The Guy From Boston, Cuban Cigars, his break from the mainstream, his struggles with obesity and more!!!

May 9, May 2, They talk about his upcoming tittle fight, Hekkie's inspirations in the ring, what his thoughts are of the heavyweight division, being a light flyweight, Canelo Alvarez, fighting around the world and whether or not You Tube boxing is good for the sport. Apr 11, Matthew Booth reflects on the world cup and what he thinks went wrong with South Africa's Hope's for the tournament, how he managed to maintain a long and successful career in football, that the problem with SA soccer starts at Grassroots, and tells stories of travelling around the world and how soccer hooligans can interfere with the beautiful game.

Feb 5, Lucas Cantor is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and speaker. The full symphony was premiered in London at Cadogan Hall and continues to be performed around the world. He won two Emmys for the Olympics and Follow Lucas on Instagram: lucasdcantor.

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Check out video segments from the podcast on…. Jan 17, On this Bonus Special I talk about my journey to becoming an artist of many facets, I share tips on how I've managed to stay motivated when all odds where stacked against me, how by using one simple yet effective technique have managed to get my films shown around the world, I breakdown who I believe the five types of filmmakers are and which ones succeed.

Maybe by sharing my story of how I was able to succeed it could help motivate other artists to succeed as well. Dec 21, Travis Chappell is the creator and host of Build Your Network, a Top 25 Business podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate genuine relationships, grow their inner circle, and leverage a powerful network the right way. On the season finale of Enter The Muse with Nick Hail, Travis comes onto talk about how he was able to able to monetize his podcast in 6 months, the new software that he has launched and how he is recovering from Covid Dec 20, Dec 19, Nick talks to friend and fellow filmmaker about her dreams of starting a restaurant, how once you open up about your vulnerabilities nothing can hold you back.

Dating online in Phumi Traping Takong

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