Could Use a Hot Guy

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The best looking thing to walk through the doors that night. Could he be a model? It is no secret that attractive guys get more attention.

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Whether they are tall, have an impeccable jawline, or have the whole package; whenever they walk into a room all eyes are on them and they are aware of that. They have been aware of that ever since they hit puberty and started getting attention from every girl in the neighborhood.

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You are not doing anything special by giving him attention. You are not doing anything special by laughing at his every joke. You are not doing anything special by commenting on how beautiful his eyes are, or his height, or his lips or whatever it is you deem makes him a beauty.

He wants to feel like he has substance outside of his facial features. Be natural, and if he says an unimpressive joke, call him out on it! Just like you may not think you are good enough for him, he may think he is not smart enough for you, or creative enough, or successful enough. Meanwhile, while you are imagining all the hot girls he must be banging every day, he may be thinking about how fashionable you are and internally criticizing himself about his own fashion sense.

He is most likely just a down to earth guy who has a great face. It is in our nature to be drawn to people with more aligned features. People that are taller, more fit, biologically blessed to put it short. He has been treated like crap because girls feel like they need to put him in his place and he has dealt with girls saying they are one thing and then completely being another the next week. He is looking for someone real. Be who you genuinely are.

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I know, I know. Try not to get tongue tied as he is looking deep into your eyes while you talk. Take a deep breath and remember he is just a normal guy. Keep telling yourself this as you approach him at a party, or turn around to speak to him at that coffee shop he always comes to at 3p. He gets enough of that in his everyday encounters. In a way, its comforting for him if you are unfazed by his good looks because then he can let his guard down and show his true personality, too. What I mean is, try not to talk about how he looks. At least at first. Three people have reminded him this already.

Instead, compliment him on something he may not expect. Notice his character. Notice his talents. Notice his sense of humor or his sense of style.

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Things that may go unnoticed because everyone is too busy telling him about how great-looking he is. Contrary to popular belief, attractive guys can be very single. Someone who wants them as a person, not just a trophy. He may have just not found a girl that sparks his interest yet, his desire to chase. You can be that girl. Hot guys are more forgiving than we give them credit for.

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We see them in the bar in their leather jacket and slick back hair, surveying the place and just assume he is thinking terribly vile things about everyone. He could just be thinking about taxes, or something. Attractive people learn to be more forgiving of others flaws because they themselves are very critical of their own.

He is tired of everything being about looks. He wants to know about you, and he wants you to accept his every perceived flaw too. I saw perceived because we all know he has none. Or maybe like one or something. So annoying! Drop the gimmick. Just be you. Be unadulteratedly you. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. Also, note that this can be for both genders, not just guys. Know that he is used to getting attention.

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Know that he may be just as shy and insecure. Know that you need to be a little unfazed. Know that he is more than a pretty face. Know that yes, he could be single. Know that he really just wants you to be your fucking self. More From Thought Catalog.

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Could Use a Hot Guy

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