Casual encounters Eugene

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I am bi and my wife lets me play from time to time, however I am not going to be putting my face out there for the world to see. I send private pics when I want to, so Grinder, Tinder, etc are out. Is there another site folks are using that has similar anonymity to what CL provided?

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On Grindr you don't have to have a pic. It can be a blank profile. Bars that aren't in barmuda work great! And missed connections is getting less "I saw you yesterday" and more "who wants to frick" recently. I just ended up getting a girlfriend and tried to forget about the whole thing. I haven't had much luck with Doublelist.

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I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. The opening paragraph is so poorly written it makes me think it is certainly a scam site. Found the internet! What are folks using now that Craigslist casual encounters have gone? Posted by 3 years ago.

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Source: am gay and use grindr. Sincerely appreciate that tid bit. Have you tried Fetlife? I have not, but I will take a look at it. Continue this thread. RIP my favorite jerk material. Why hello. Adult Friend Finder. Hope this helps everyone. Grindr, scruff, doublelist. Same what do we do. Have you had any success here?

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I can't imagine how. More posts from the Eugene community.

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Casual encounters Eugene

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What are folks using now that Craigslist casual encounters have gone?